ESMO Handbook on Nutrition and Cancer

2011 ESMO Handbook of Nutrition and Cancer

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For medical oncologists and other healthcare professionals working in the field of oncology nutrition is an important factor to consider when advising and treating patients.

This handbook explores the relationship between nutrition and cancer and the role of nutrition in cancer prevention and cancer treatment. From basic concepts to the role of nutrition after cancer and including topics such as dietary counselling and health economics, this handbook addresses major issues faced by healthcare providers on a daily basis.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Basic Concepts of Nutrition

Chapter 3: Role of Nutrition in Cancer Prevention

Chapter 4: Cancer and the Nutritional Status

Chapter 5: Cancer Treatment and Nutrition

Chapter 6: Nutritional Support for the Advanced Cancer Patient During Best Supportive Care

Chapter 7: Counselling and Intervention

Chapter 8: Energy Balance, Nutrition, and Cancer Incidence and Survivorship

Chapter 9: Psychosocial Aspects of Nutrition

Chapter 10: Nutrition and Cancer: a Health Economics Approach