Leukaemia and Myeloma: Essentials for Clinicians

We are pleased to announce that the latest title in the ESMO Essentials for Clinicians series will be available early February 2019.

Edited by Veronika Ballová, Michele Ghielmini and Meletios-Athanasios Dimopoulos, the book is composed of a first section on “What every oncologist should know” and a second section on “More advanced knowledge”. 

In a concise and easy-to-read format, the basics of pathology, diagnosis, presentation of disease, treatment and complications are given. The balance between text and illustrations, as well as the review questions at the end of each page, make these basic concepts easy to assimilate, while the further reading suggestions at the end of each chapter allow those who are interested to explore the subject in more depth.

The “Essentials for Clinicians” series wouldn’t have been complete without this haemato-oncology volume, as leukaemias and myeloma are relatively frequent malignancies.