Expert Video Report on Carcinoma of Unknown Primary

ESMO Congress 2019

Speaker: George Pentheroudakis

Reporting from ESMO 2019 Congress, George Pentheroudakis comments on the results from studies evaluating 2 different management strategies in patients with visceral carcinoma of unknown primary: the first with molecular testing to tailor systemic treatment according to suspected tissue origin, and the second to select the molecularly guided therapy based on testing of actionable molecular aberrations.
LBA15_PR: A phase 3 trial of empiric chemotherapy with cisplatin and gemcitabine or systemic treatment tailored by molecular gene expression analysis in patients with carcinomas of an unknown primary (CUP) site (GEFCAPI 04)
1983PD_PR: Comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) of carcinoma of unknown primary origin (CUP): Retrospective molecular classification of potentially eligible patients (pts) for targeted or immunotherapy treatment (tx) using the prospective CUPISCO trial’s criteria.