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Date Title Topic
16 Nov 2018 ‘Alarming’ Data Reported For Minimally Invasive Surgical Approach In Early Cervical Cancer Cervical Cancer - Surgical Oncology
15 Nov 2018 Cardiovascular irAE Risk Highlighted With Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Use Immunotherapy - Complications/Toxicities of Treatment
14 Nov 2018 Tumour Stage May Aid Treatment Decision For Advanced Tubo-Ovarian Carcinoma Patients Gynaecological Malignancies - Ovarian Cancer - Anticancer agents - Surgical Oncology
13 Nov 2018 Omitting Anthracyclines May Be ‘Preferred’ Approach For Early HER2-Positive Breast cancer Breast Cancer - Personalised/Precision Medicine - Anticancer agents
12 Nov 2018 Elotuzumab Addition Improves Relapsed, Refractory Multiple Myeloma PFS Plasma Cell Dyscrasias - Anticancer agents
09 Nov 2018 Predictive Markers Of Late HCC Recurrence Uncovered Hepatobiliary Cancers
08 Nov 2018 Phase II Lorlatinib Results Confirm Activity Against Advanced ALK-Positive NSCLC Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - Personalised/Precision Medicine - Anticancer agents
07 Nov 2018 First-Line Sequential Chemotherapy Not Equal To Combination Strategy For Metastatic CRC Colon and Rectal Cancer - Anticancer agents
06 Nov 2018 Durvalumab Alone, Alongside Tremelimumab Feasible For Advanced PD-L1-Negative HNSCC Immunotherapy - Head and Neck Cancers
05 Nov 2018 Primary GIST Recurrence Halted During 5-Year Imatinib Therapy Anticancer agents - Personalised/Precision Medicine - GIST
02 Nov 2018 First-Line Pembrolizumab Plus Platinum-Based Chemotherapy ‘Standard Of Care’ For Advanced HNSCC Anticancer agents - Immunotherapy - Head and Neck Cancers
31 Oct 2018 ALESIA Favours First-Line Alectinib For Asian ALK-Positive Advanced NSCLC Patients Anticancer agents - Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - Personalised/Precision Medicine
30 Oct 2018 Cisplatin Superior To Cetuximab For Low-Risk, HPV-Positive Oropharyngeal Cancer Anticancer agents - Head and Neck Cancers - Radiation Oncology
29 Oct 2018 PALOMA-3 OS Results Add Support For Palbociclib Use In Advanced Breast Cancer Anticancer agents - Breast Cancer
26 Oct 2018 Avelumab Plus Axitinib ‘New First-Line Standard Of Care’ For Advanced RCC Anticancer agents - Immunotherapy