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Date Title Topic
20 Feb 2018 Targeted Therapies in Oncology: Past, Current and Future Personalised Medicine
20 Feb 2018 ESMO Sarcoma and GIST Conference: Highlights From Round Table With SPAEN Bioethics, Legal, and Economic Issues - Palliative and Supportive Care - Sarcoma - GIST
15 Feb 2018 Surgery of Sarcoma Metastases Sarcoma - Soft Tissue Sarcomas - Surgery and/or Radiotherapy of Cancer
15 Feb 2018 Recent Treatment Outcome Improvements in Metastatic Soft Tissue Sarcomas Anti-Cancer Agents & Biologic Therapy - Sarcoma - Soft Tissue Sarcomas
13 Feb 2018 Evidence-based data for Sarcoma and GIST: A True Challenge Sarcoma - GIST
24 Jan 2018 BRAF Mutations Across Cancers Anti-Cancer Agents & Biologic Therapy - Pathology/Molecular Biology - Personalised Medicine - Translational Research
21 Dec 2017 ASH 2017: Highlights on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Haematologic Malignancies - Leukaemia
21 Dec 2017 ASH 2017: Highlights on Myeloma Haematologic Malignancies - Plasma Cell Dyscrasias
21 Dec 2017 ASH 2017: Highlights on Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Haematologic Malignancies - Lymphomas
21 Dec 2017 ASH 2017: Highlights on Hodgkin Lymphoma Haematologic Malignancies - Lymphomas
06 Dec 2017 Immunotherapy Biomarkers Translational Research
27 Nov 2017 Molecular Imaging in Oncology: From Basic Research to Clinical Applications Imaging, Diagnosis and Staging
13 Nov 2017 Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer: Current and Future Prostate Cancer - Biomarkers
11 Oct 2017 Mechanisms of TKI resistance Personalised Medicine - Translational Research
11 Oct 2017 Multigene Sequencing for Treatment Selection Personalised Medicine - Translational Research