Targeting NTRK Gene Fusions

This section contains information and education for healthcare professionals and has been developed as a comprehensive resource providing information on TRK fusion proteins as a potential therapeutic target for selected patients across multiple tumour types.

There are two modules in this section. They are aimed at medical oncologists and pathologists including molecular and surgical pathologists. Geneticists, pharmacists, and public health professionals may also find this information useful. We recommend that Module 1 is selected first, but the modules can be selected in any order.

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Module 1
 Overview of Cancers with NTRK Gene Fusion
Module 2
 Importance of Testing of Cancers With NTRK Gene Fusions

This module provides an overview of cancers with NTRK gene fusions and their testing. Available treatments and those under development that target these fusions are also discussed.

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This module provides an overview of how testing for NTRK gene fusions allows for the identification of patients who may benefit from TRK inhibitor therapy. Information on NTRK gene fusions testing is reviewed.

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