3rd International Michelangelo Conference 2015

Translational Research

02 Jul - 03 Jul 2015, Milan, Italy

The 3rd International Michelangelo Conference convened a faculty of leading international experts to discuss new therapeutic opportunities emerging from two different areas of cancer pathology: aberrant cancer cell signalling and control of tumour growth by the immune system.

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Date: 02 Jul 2015
Presenter: L. Gianni
Resources: Presentation
Topics: Anti-Cancer Agents & Biologic Therapy, Translational Research


Date: 03 Jul 2015
Presenter: G. Mills
Resources: Presentation
Topics: Drug Development, Pathology/Molecular Biology, Translational Research


Date: 03 Jul 2015
Presenter: H. Calvert
Resources: Presentation
Topics: Drug Development, Translational Research


Date: 03 Jul 2015
Presenter: M. Sznol
Topics: Drug Development, Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy, Translational Research