36P - Bronchial carcinoma in young people – Medical Oncology Department Experience

Date 15 April 2016
Event European Lung Cancer Conference 2016 (ELCC) 2016
Session Poster lunch
Topics Thoracic malignancies
Cancers in Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA)
Presenter CHERIFA Sedkaoui
Citation Journal of Thoracic Oncology (2016) 11 (supplement 4): S57-S166. S1556-0864(16)X0004-4
Authors C. Sedkaoui1, H. Ammour2, H. Nait Sidi Ahmed3, H. Djouadi3, A. Ouikene3, C. Bouzid4
  • 1Medical Oncology, CHU Tizi Ouzou, 15010 - Tizi Ozuou/DZ
  • 2Medical Oncology, CHU Tizi-Ouzou, 15004 - Tizi-Ouzou/DZ
  • 3Medical Oncology, CHU Tizi-Ouzou, 15000 - Tizi-Ouzou/DZ
  • 4Surgery, Centre Pierre et Marie Curie, 16000 - Alger/DZ



Lung cancer in young people is rare, and few data are available. It is characterized by frequent changes of biomarkers: EGFR and ALK.


Retrospective study of bronchial carcinoma treatment in young people, realized in Medical Oncology department at University Hospital Center of Tizi-Ouzou during the period: January 2011 to December 2014.


14 patients were identified, median age 40 years (31–45), 03 EC (epidermoid carcinoma), 10 ADK (adeno­carcinoma) and 01 papillary carcinoma, all metastatic at once (06 cases pleura, 03 cases bones, 01 case brain, 03 cases liver, 03 cases contra-lateral lung and 03 lymph node). In the first line: 09 pts received AAC (avastin, pemetrexed and cisplatin), 01 ATC (avastin, paclitaxel and carboplatin) and 03 GC (gemcitabine, cisplatin). In the second line: 03 ATC (avastin, paclitaxel and carboplatin), 01 TXT (docetaxel), 02 erlotinib. Maintenance: bevacizumab: 05, pemetrexed: 01 and docetaxel: 01. The chemotherapy evaluation after 03 cures: 07 OR (objective response), 03 stabilizations, 03 progressions. Overall survival: 6–12 months: 03, 12–18 months: 03, 18–24 months: 02 and >24 months: 03.


Lung cancer in young people is rare, and few data are available. Studies showed a high proportion of EGFR and ALK mutations (compared to prevalence figures usually reported) leading targeted therapies prospects and raising the interest of a broad and systematic search for biomarkers.

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University Hospital Center of Tizi-Ouzou


University Hospital Center of Tizi-Ouzou


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