ESMO 2014: Precision Medicine in Cancer Care

Speaker: Johann de Bono Bono, ESMO 2014 Scientific Chair, offers an appetizer of the premier medical oncology congress in Europe, highlighting the high scientific quality of the programme, with world renowned speakers and topics that will enable doctors to improve cancer patient care.

Discussion Points

ESMO Congress 2014 Theme: "Precision Medicine in Cancer Care":

  • Why "precision" and not "personalised" medicine?
  • Why now? Are we at a point where precision medicine in cancer care is something more than hope?
  • How will the theme be reflected in the programme?
  • Looking through the programme it looks like there is immunotherapy everywhere: how about that? And what about "Precision immunotherapy"?
  • What are the highlights of the scientific (non-abstract) programme? What is in there for individual target groups (e.g. medical oncology clinicians, young oncologists, researchers, pathologists, etc.)?
  • ESMO 2014 is the European event in medical oncology: why should investigators choose to present their data at ESMO?