259P - Thromboembolism incidence in patients with pancreatic cancer receiving chemotherapy: A single-institutional retrospective cohort analysis

Date 17 December 2016
Event ESMO Asia 2016 Congress
Session Poster lunch
Topics Cytotoxic agents
Complications/Toxicities of treatment
Pancreatic Cancer
Presenter Chika Matsuda
Citation Annals of Oncology (2016) 27 (suppl_9): ix68-ix85. 10.1093/annonc/mdw582
Authors C. Matsuda
  • Gastroenterology, Sapporo City General Hospital, 060-8604 - Sapporo/JP



Although cancer and its treatments are well-recognized risk factors for thromboembolism (TE), such as venous and pulmonary TE, there are very few data of the incidence of cancer associated TE in the Asian population. So we conducted a retrospective cohort study to investigate the TE incidence of pancreatic cancer (PC) patients (pts) receiving chemotherapy in a Japanese community hospital’s daily practice setting.


All the patients received chemotherapy for GTC in our hospital from January 2008 to May 2015 were identified through medical records review extracted by our hospital data warehouse. We analyzed the incidences of TE by reviewing all the reports of contrast-enhanced computed tomography performed on each patient during chemotherapy and identified the association between several clinicopathological factors and TE incidence using chi-square tests and logistic regression.


One hundred sixty eight Japanese PC pts were analyzed on this study. Patient characteristics were as follows; male/female 94/74, median age 70.8 (range 40 -92), non-adjuvant (non-Adj)/adjuvant (Adj) setting113/55, tumor-bearing (TB)/non-TB pts 3/165, multiple primary (MP)/single primary (SP) pts19/149. The incident rate with TE in PC pts was 15.48% (n = 168), respectively. In relation to the status of malignancy, the incidence of TE was 12.4% (n = 113) and 21.8% (n = 55) in non-Adj and Adj setting, 5.26% (n = 19) and 16.7% (n = 149) in MP and SP pts, respectively.


We found that there were significantly higher incidences of TE in non-Adj and SP compared with Adj and MP pts, respectively. Although the ethnic differences of the TE incidence rate between Caucasian and Asian population were reported, the incidence of Asian population received cancer chemotherapy remains unclear yet. So further accumulation of data are necessary to establish a Guideline for Asian to prevent and manage TE occurred during cancer chemotherapy such as ESMO or ASCO guidelines.

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Michio Nakamura, Taichi Murai, Kazufumi Itaya, Takayuki Sone, Masataka Yagisawa, Yuta Koike, Ayana Endo, Yoko Tsukuda, Yuji Ono, Takahiko Kudo, Atsushi Nagasaka, Shuji Nishikawa


Sapporo City General Hospital


All authors have declared no conflicts of interest.