Symptoms and Grading

Only the adverse events affecting skin, subcutaneous tissue and skin appendages (also known as ‘skin toxicity’ or ‘skin changes’) secondary to EGFRI treatment are addressed here. This section, ‘Symptoms and grading’, comprises the following sub-sections:

  • Terminology: the vocabulary used on the website for the description and grading of EGFRI-related skin toxicities.
  • Incidence: the frequency of EGFRI-related skin toxicities.
  • Skin changes: the EGFRI-associated cutaneous changes, given by type and grade.
  • Nail changes: the EGFRI-associated nail changes, given by type and grade.
  • Hair changes: the EGFRI-associated hair changes, given by type and grade.
  • Mucosal changes: the EGFRI-associated changes of mucous membranes, given by type and grade.
  • Differential diagnosis: common skin changes unrelated to EGFRI treatment.