Prophylaxis and Treatment

Only the adverse events affecting skin, subcutaneous tissue and skin appendages (also known as ‘skin toxicity’ or ‘skin changes’) secondary to EGFRI treatment are addressed on this website. This section of the website, ‘Prophylaxis and treatment’, comprises the following sub-sections:

  • What Healthcare Professionals should know : the key treatment principles for EGFRI-related skin toxicities.
  • What Patients can do : the key behavioural and prophylactic measures that can be undertaken by patients to minimise EGFRI-associated cutaneous changes.
  • Prophylactic management : therapeutic principles against EGFRI-associated skin toxicities that target early pathogenic mechanisms thereby helping to minimise the grade and extent of toxicities.
  • Reactive management : the necessity for close monitoring of and early, as well as specific, intervention in EGFRI-associated skin toxicities.