956 - Health-related quality of life (QOL) in patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC): cabazitaxel Early Access Program (EAP...

Date 28 September 2012
Event ESMO Congress 2012
Session Publication Only
Topics Anticancer agents
Supportive Measures
Prostate Cancer
Biological Therapy
Presenter Fred Saad
Authors F. Saad1, E. Winquist2, M. Girard3, S.S. Sridhar4
  • 1CHUM, Notre-Dame Hospital, Montreal/CA
  • 2University of Western OntarioLondon Regional Cancer Center, CA-N6A 4L6 - London/CA
  • 3Biostatistics, Sanofi Canada, Montreal/CA
  • 4Medical Oncology, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto/CA



QoL and preference/utility data have not been extensively collected in post-docetaxel (D) mCRPC. Canada collected EQ-5D-3L data in this setting as part of the single-arm multicenter EAP for Cabazitaxel.


Between May 2011 and February 2012, 61 evaluable patients (pts) were enrolled at 9 centers. EQ–5D-3L data was collected and analyzed at baseline and after every cycle. EQ-5D health state index (HIS) and visual analog scale (VAS) data were collected. HIS data were converted into utility values using the UK tariff from Dolan 1997. The relationship between baseline ECOG performance status (PS) and EQ-5D values (HIS and VAS) across visits was examined.


At time of abstract submission, baseline characteristics and EQ-5D data were available for 58 pts: median age 65 years, 94% of pts ECOG PS 0 or 1, 85% had bone metastases, and 45% received at least 6 cycles of cabazitaxel. Significant improvements (p < 0.05) were noted in the EQ-5D pain/discomfort (Pain) domain. From baseline to cycle 6, the percentage of pts reporting “no problem” in Pain improved from 17% to 30%. Other EQ-5D dimensions (anxiety/depression, mobility, self-care and usual activities) remained stable over the course of treatment. Utility values (HIS and VAS) remained unchanged during treatment, even after stratifying by baseline PS. However, stratifying by baseline ECOG PS of 0 or 1, 45% and 36% of pts improved by a minimally important difference (MID) (Pickard 2007) on the EQ-5D VAS and HIS by cycle 6, respectively.


Improvements were seen on the EQ-5D in the Pain domain, with more than a third of pts reaching a MID on the EQ-5D by cycle 6. Improvements in pain, a common symptom in mCRPC, directly impact pts' experience of their disease. The poster will present updated data.


F. Saad: Dr Fred Saad sits on the advisory board for Sanofi Canada and has received consultant's honoraria from Sanofi Canada. He is involved in research projects with Sanofi Canada.

E. Winquist: Dr Eric Winquist has received travel funding and consultant's honoraria from Sanofi Canada. He is involved in research projects with Sanofi Canada,

M. Girard: Employee with Sanofi Canada,

S.S. Sridhar: Dr S.S. Sridhar sits on Advisory Boards and receives Research Funding from Sanofi Canada.