32P - Heterogeneity study of surgical treatment patterns among 11 medical centers of China in 2013 – a study of 2040 patients based on the Chinese nation...

Date 15 April 2016
Event European Lung Cancer Conference 2016 (ELCC) 2016
Session Poster lunch
Topics Lung and other Thoracic Tumours
Surgery and/or Radiotherapy of Cancer
Presenter Jian Zhou
Citation Journal of Thoracic Oncology (2016) 11 (supplement 4): S57-S166. S1556-0864(16)X0004-4
Authors J. Zhou, Y. Liu, F. Yang, X. Wang, H. Li, T. Guan, J. Wang
  • Thoracic Surgery, People’s Hospital Peking University, 100044 - Beijing/CN



Surgery is the fundamental treatment for stage I-IIIA patients. But treatment patterns in different areas of China diverse. In order to deliver high quality care for lung cancer patients, the Chinese National NSCLC outcome registry was founded in 2013, which covers 16 provinces in China. We analyze the data retrieved from this registry.


Data of stage I-IIIa patients were obtained from the NSCLC surgical outcome registry, which included 2040 patients who underwent lung resection surgeries from 20 tertiary hospitals nationwide in 2013. 11 centers which have submitted more than 30 cases in 2013 were included. Stage I-IIIa NSCLC patients from these centers were retrieved. Baseline data, surgical parameters, pathology, number of lymph nodes dissected, and total hospital cost were analyzed.


Among the 2040 patients, the mean age was 60.1, while 1297 were male. Mean pre-op forced expiratory volume in 1 second (FEV1) was 2.39 L, FEV1/FVC was 80.1%. 8% patients combined with at least one comorbidity. The average diameter of the tumor was 3.15 cm. Mean operation time was 174 minutes. The post-operative pathology confirmed 62.0% as adenocarcinoma while 31.1% as squamous carcinoma. Based on the data submitted by different centers, 79.5% (mean, 0 to 98.41) patients who were confirmed as stage III patients received adjuvant therapy before surgery. The rate of minimally invasive surgery was 44.9% (mean, 8.1% to 94.7%) in different regions. The number of stations of lymph nodes harvested was 5.8 (mean, 4.3 to 7.4). Mean hospital cost was 55,070 (43,051 to 69,686) RMB. 32PT1

CenterNo comorbidities (%)Diameter (cm)Stage III adjuvant therapy (%)Operation time (min)VATS (%)Hospital cost (RMB)Lymph node station number


The heterogeneity of surgical treatment is quite huge in different centers of China. The baseline status before surgery, pre-operative therapy strategy, surgical technique, and health economic data submitted to the registry showed imbalanced development of lung cancer surgical treatment in different regions of China.

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