981P - Epidemiology projection trends for ovarian cancer (OC) patients by platinum response status in Europe and U.S.

Date 29 September 2012
Event ESMO Congress 2012
Session Poster presentation I
Topics Ovarian Cancer
Aetiology, Epidemiology, Screening and Prevention
Basic Scientific Principles
Presenter Jyotsna Mehta
Authors J. Mehta1, R. Olivares2, O. Moulard2, P. Trask3, A. Hamed1
  • 1Evidence And Value Development, Sanofi Aventis, 02142 - Cambridge/US
  • 2Evidence And Value Development, Sanofi, 91385 - Chilly Mazarin/FR
  • 3Evidence And Value Development, Sanofi, 02142 - Cambridge/US



Ovarian cancer is the eighth most commonly diagnosed cancer among women worldwide with an estimated 225,500 new cases and 140,000 deaths per year. There is a lack of published data on the distribution of patients across lines of therapy based on their platinum response status i.e. platinum resistant/refractory or platinum-sensitive.

Table: 981P

Year Line of therapy* Number of patients
France Germany Italy Spain UK EU 5 US
2010 1L** 4046 7546 4479 2649 5386 24106 16301
2L Platinum Sensitive 1448 2711 1604 947 1937 8647 4546
2L Platinum Refractory 1196 2238 1324 782 1599 7139 2557
3L 1233 2316 1366 806 1656 7377 4430^
4L 407 767 451 266 549 2440 NA
2020 1L** 4552 8015 4928 3067 5774 26336 19258
2L Platinum Sensitive 1631 2874 1767 1098 2069 9439 5354
2L Platinum Refractory 1346 2373 1458 906 1708 7791 3011
3L 1389 2451 1506 935 1763 8044 5218^
4L 459 810 498 308 582 2657 NA

*patient may receive multiple lines of therapy in given year; **stage II, III, IV combined; ^ for US, includes 3L + 4L; NA = not available Source: CancerMPact® Kantar Health (www.cancermpact.com) Accessed Mar 2011 for EU, Jan 2012 for US


Epidemiological data was obtained for US and EU using CancerMPact® database. This database includes line of therapy estimations using the US National Oncology Data Alliance numbers combined with a survey of a representative sample of physicians in the U.S. and Europe. Using historical data, we analyzed projection estimates up to 2020 across US and EU5 countries by line of therapy and platinum response status.


Projection estimates from 2010 to 2020 by line of therapy varied by country. Among EU countries, the highest number of treated patients was in Germany, followed by United Kingdom (UK) and Italy. By 2020, the percentages of patients that are platinum sensitive and platinum refractory are expected to increase by about 17% in the US and 9% in the EU. Regional variation was observed across Europe with percentage increase in France being 12%, Germany 6%, Italy 10%, Spain 16% and UK 7%. The table below refers to the number of ovarian cancer patients by line of therapy.


Despite ongoing therapeutic efforts, only 44%of patients in US and 65% in EU who receive 1L go on to 2L. This argues for continued efforts to be made for the development of more efficacious treatments for ovarian cancer. Real world data and disease based registries can help in validating emerging trends in therapy through providing up to date global projection estimates across line of therapy.


J. Mehta: Employee of Sanofi R. Olivares: Employee of Sanofi O. Moulard: Employee of Sanofi P. Trask: Employee of Sanofi and owns stock A. Hamed: Employee of Sanofi.