P-041 - Patterns of failure in pancreatic cancer: results review

Date 04 July 2015
Event WorldGI 2015
Session Posters
Topics Pancreatic Cancer
Presenter M.V. de Torres Olombrada
Citation Annals of Oncology (2015) 26 (suppl_4): 1-100. 10.1093/annonc/mdv233
Authors M.V. de Torres Olombrada1, I. Juez Martel2, T. Garcia Canibano2, D. Gutierrez Abad2, C. Rodriguez Rodriguez2, F. Pereira Perez2
  • 1H Universitario Fuenlabrada, Fuenlabrada/ES
  • 2H U Fuenlabrada, Fuenlabrada/ES



Pancreatic cancer is one of the malignant diseases which shows a higher failure rate with a 5 year overall survival under 5%. The aim of this review is to analyze the patterns of relapse of patients diagnosed of pancreatic cancer and treated with combined radiochemotherapy in our institution.


During 2011 and 2012 a total of 17 patients with pancreatic cancer have been treated with chemoradiotherapy in our institution, (10 male, 7 female). Location of the primary tumour was pancreatic head in 13 of them and body or tail in 4.

Nine patients received adjuvant postoperative radiochemotherapy, 1 neoadjuvant treatment and 8 radiochemotherapy as exclusive radical treatment. Radiotherapy treatment was delivered with IMRT/IGRT technique to a total dose of 50.4 Gy (1.8 Gy per fraction) and concurrent chemotherapy was based on weekly gemcitabine.


At the date of our analysis 47% of patients had developed distant metastases, just 11.7% local relapse (2 patients relapsed within the RT field and one had a marginal relapse), 2 patients had tumour markers rise without relapse evidence and one patient had a mixed (local and distant) pattern of failure. Five patients died and four are free of disease relapse (all these 4 belong to the adjuvant treatment group).


IMRT/IGRT in combination with weekly gemcitabine seem to be a good treatment choice as adjuvant postoperative treatment, which may decrease the local relapse rate in these patients. Local failure most frequent areas are the surrounding vessels tissues.