685P - Natural history of bone metastasis in gastric cancer: results of an Italian multicenter survey

Date 30 September 2012
Event ESMO Congress 2012
Session Poster presentation II
Topics Gastric Cancer
Presenter Nicola Silvestris
Authors N. Silvestris1, S. Leo2, T. Di Palma3, F. De Vita4, T. Gamucci5, S. Barni6, R. Ferrara7, C. Mazzara8, G. Numico9, G. Colucci10
  • 1Cancer Institute Giovanni Paolo II, Bari/IT
  • 2Medical Oncology Unit, Ospedale Vito Fazzi, 73100 - Lecce/IT
  • 3Medical Oncology Unit, Hospital of Latina, Latina/IT
  • 4Ii University, Medical Oncology Unit, Naples/IT
  • 5Hospital Of Frosinone, Medical Oncology Unit, Frosinone/IT
  • 6Medical Oncology Unit, 24047 - Treviglio/IT
  • 7Hospital Of Barletta, Medical Oncology Unit, Barletta/IT
  • 8University Campus Bio-medico, Medical Oncology Unit, Rome/IT
  • 9Hospital Of Aosta, Medical Oncology Unit, Aosta/IT
  • 10Medical And Experimental Oncology Unit, Cancer Institute Giovanni Paolo II, Bari/IT



in patients with gastric cancer, in accordance with the increase of survival, bone metastasis are an emerging problem. In scientific literature there are few data about the natural history of bone disease in gastric cancer. We report the preliminary data of a large Italian multicenter survey.


142 patients with gastric cancer and with evidence of bone metastases have been included in the study. All patients were died due to cancer at the moment of the study inclusion. Clinico-pathological data, data on survival and Skeletal Related Events (SRE) have been collected in a master database and analyzed.


96 males and 46 females; median age: 62 (19-80); patients with bone metastases at the moment of gastric cancer diagnosis: 23.2%; patients with single bone metastasis: 11.3%, patients with multiple metastasis 88.7%; lytic type: 49.3%, mixed: 19.7%, blastic: 27.5%, no data 3.5%. Sites: spine (78%), pelvis (65.5%), long bones (54%), other (27%). Median time to bone metastases: 7 months (0-132). Patients with at least 1 SRE: 31.7%. Types of SREs: pathologic fracture (27.7%), radiotherapy (43.1%), spinal compression (9.3%), bone surgery (13.8%), hypercalcaemia (6.1%). Median time to first SRE: 1 (0-65). Median survival after bone metastasis diagnosis: 5 (0-48).


The present survey is the result of the largest Italian descriptive study concerning the natural history of bone disease in gastric cancer patients.


All authors have declared no conflicts of interest.