P-160 - Estimation of autonomic nervous system activity by heart rate and blood pressure variability in patients with gastric and colorectal cancer. Prelimi...

Date 04 July 2015
Event WorldGI 2015
Session Posters
Topics Gastric Cancer
Colon and Rectal Cancer
Presenter A. Zygulska
Citation Annals of Oncology (2015) 26 (suppl_4): 1-100. 10.1093/annonc/mdv233
Authors A. Zygulska1, K. Krzemieniecki2, P. Thor3, A. Furgała4
  • 1University Hospital, Krakow/PL
  • 2Oncological Department Collegium Medicum Jagiellonian University, Krakow/PL
  • 3Department of Pathophysiology Medical College of Jagiellonian University, Krakow/PL
  • 4Department of Pathophysiology Medical College Jagiellonian University, Krakow/PL



Parameters of spectral domain analysis of heart rate (HRV) and blood pressure (BPV) variability are method used to evaluation of autonomic nervous system (ANS) condition. Investigation of the relationship among cardiovascular autonomic system activity and gastric and colorectal cancer has been very seldom so far.

Purpose of this paper is the evaluation of disturbances in autonomic system using HRV in patients with gastric and colorectal cancer.


Fourteen patients (out of planned 90) with gastric or colorectal cancer and 30 healthy persons were enrolled to this study. Every patient underwent surgical operation due to gastric or colorectal cancer. The ANS activities were measured by heart rate and blood pressure variability. At rest condition ECG and blood pressure were recorded with spectral domain analysis of HRV and BPV (Task Force Monitor 3040i, CNSystems, Austria). The study was approved by local medical ethics committee. Each patient signed informed consent. Patient characteristics are presented in table 1.


The resting HRV parameters of the cancer patients, LF and HF, were lower than in the controls (LF 306 ± 151 vs. 1413 ± 1120, p = 0.002; HF 324 ± 285 vs. 1882 ± 1540, p = 0.004); the LF/HF ratio was higher in the cancer group (LF/HF 2.43 ± 1.5 vs. 1.22 ± 1.06, p = 0.02). In BPV parameters was similar changes but not significant. The abovementioned differences corresponded to disturbances of the parasympathetic-sympathetic balance, namely to sympathetic overactivity in patients.


Gastric and colorectal cancer affects autonomic system activity. In these patients the sympathetic-parasympathetic imbalance is disturbed with sympathetic overactivity. The changes of autonomic system activity induced by neoplastic processes can due motility dysfunction in gastrointestinal tract.

Table: P-160