Advances in the Treatment of Primary and Secondary Brain Malignancies

Speaker: Martin J. Van den Bent

D. Planchard provides an expert perspective for results and toxicity data in trials performed in advanced squamous NSCLC and reported at ASCO 2015. In particular, he elaborates results of nedaplatin plus docetaxel in advanced or relapsed setting, afatinib vs erlotinib in second-line treatment, and nivolumab vs docetaxel in previously treated advanced or metastatic squamous NSCLC.

Discussion Points

  • Whole brain radiation therapy in addition to radiosurgery in patients with 1 to 3 brain metastases (Abstract #LBA4)                                                                         
  • Tumour-treating fields added to standard chemo- and radiotherapy in newly diagnosed glioblastoma (Abstract #2000)                                                                       
  • Radiochemotherapy studies in anaplastic glioma and  astrocytoma (Abstract #2001;  Abstract #2002)