5P - Epidemiology of Breast Cancer among Men

Date 04 May 2017
Event IMPAKT 2017
Session Welcome reception and Poster Walk
Topics Breast Cancer
Staging Procedures (clinical staging)
Basic Principles in the Management and Treatment (of cancer)
Presenter Asma Boudersa
Authors A. Boudersa, N. Kouadri, N. Neche, H. Djedi
  • Medical Oncology, Ibn Rochd UH, 23000 - Annaba/DZ




Breast cancer is a public health problem in Algeria; it's the first location in women: 54 new case/100,000women (INSP Algiers 2012),but it remains a rare location in men and there is no study on the subject.


We report the observation of 17men with breast cancer treated at the UH of Annaba, Algeria, from 2012 to 2017; retrospectively observed.


There were 17 men; median age was 64.6 years (range, 46- 82 years).

Tumors were descovered by the auto-palpation of a nodule in 15 patients (88.24%), the retraction of the nipple in 1 (5.88%), and mammillary flow in 1 (5.88%).The tumor was essentially on the left side in13 cases (76.5%).

It's classified at stage IV in 4 cases (23.5%), stage IIIb in 4 (23.5%), IIIa in 2 (11.7%), IIb in 4 (23.5%), stage Ia in 2 (11.7%).

12 cases underwent first surgery: mastectomy with axillary dissection in 8 of them (47%); 2 cases underwent mastectomy without lymphadenectomy (11.8%); two others had a tumerectomy (11.8%),2 patients were operated after neoadjuvant treatment (11.8%), and 3 others were inoperable from the start (17.6%).

The histological type was a non-specific carcinoma in 14 cases (82.3%), infiltrating lobular carcinoma in 2 (11.7%), and papillary carcinoma in1 (5.9%).16 tumors were classified stage SBR II. Vascular emboli were found in 3 cases and a capsular rupture in 4cases.4 patients had synchronous metastatic disease:2 in the bone,1 in the lung, and 1 both in the bone and the lung. Hormone receptors were positive in 13 cases,negative in 2 cases, not done in 2 cases. The Ki67 was mentienned only in 8 cases (47%): 3 at 14% and 5 at more than 20% (up to 80%)

9 patients received adjuvant chemotherapy or hormonotherapy.3 received neoadjuvant chemotherapy and 3 others received palliative treatment.

5 patients improved and received a second line chemotherapy.

The median follow up was 23.33 months (range, 2-94 months).


60% of the patients were diagnosed with a locally advanced cancer,which is correlated with limited overall survival. Immunohistochemistry with Ki67 is not used with all patients,while last years, it became systematic. In Algeria, the realization of genetic tests remains a prospect in order to identify more prognostic factors,especially that the disease mainly affects the young population.

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