133IN - Independent cancer research in Latin America: a new model

Date 01 October 2012
Event ESMO Congress 2012
Session ESMO DCTF-AORTIC-SLACOM-UICC-WHO Joint Symposium: Independent and publicly funded research: a new global model
Topics Bioethics, Legal, and Economic Issues
Presenter Carlos Vallejos-Sologuren
Authors C. Vallejos-Sologuren
  • Division Of Research, Oncosalud SAC, Lima 41 - Lima/PE


It is well known that pharmaceutical Industry leads the cancer research in Latin America, but also is well known that there is a large pool of well-trained oncologists and basic scientists able to lead successfully scientific research of complex designs. A recent survey by Gomez et al (presented in the extended educational session at ASCO Annual Meeting 2011), that involved the perception of oncologist from low income countries; reveals the desires of Latin American medical oncologists to participate in clinical research from the international cooperative groups. We - the Latin-American researchers- have learned that the academical investigation and the participation in the concept of study and research design is the best way to achieve academicals status. We have bet in the formation of local and regional cooperative groups, and we are doing efforts to implement research sites of excellence, improve our quality of data and seeking for collaboration of scientist from more developed countries to perform research involving complex procedures (eg. molecular analysis). Nowadays, the goal for our young researchers is get trained in renamed international institutions and establish strong links with other worldwide scientists. The future of research in our region reveal a landscape where we work together to fight the cancer in benefit of our patients.


The author has declared no conflicts of interest.