P-019 - Overexpression of YAP1 by gene transfection down-regulates α-catenin in human normal gastric epithelial cells (GES-1)

Date 04 July 2015
Event WorldGI 2015
Session Posters
Topics Cancer biology
Gastric Cancer
Basic Scientific Principles
Presenter X.B. Hu
Citation Annals of Oncology (2015) 26 (suppl_4): 1-100. 10.1093/annonc/mdv233
Authors X.B. Hu, Y. Xin, D. Sun
  • the First Hospital of China Medical University, Shenyang/CN



To investigate how overexpression of YAP1 affect α-catenin expression in human normal gastric epithelial cells of GES-1 with YAP1 gene transfection.


YAP1 gene was transfected into GES-1 cells by Lipofectamine TM 2000, and then we picked up the GFP-positive cell clones in the presence of G418. YAP1 mRNA and protein were identified by qRT-PCR and western blotting; α-catenin protein was also detected by WB method.


A gene modified GES-1cell line (named GES1-YAP1) with YAP1 mRNA and protein overexpression was obtained. Compared with control GES-1 cells, α-catenin expression in GES1-YAP1 cells was significantly reduced.


A gene modified GES1-YAP1 cell line with Stable YAP1 overexpression is successfully obtained. YAP1 overexpression inhibited α-catenin expression in GES-1 cells, suggesting that YAP1 may play a role in epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in normal gastric mucosa and carcinogenesis by inhibiting α-catenin expression. Further study is needed to explore the relevant molecular mechanism.