329P - Accurancy of colposcopy at the Georgian National Screening Center

Date 18 December 2016
Event ESMO Asia 2016 Congress
Session Poster lunch
Topics Cervical Cancer
Staging procedures (clinical staging)
Presenter Tina Beruchashvili
Citation Annals of Oncology (2016) 27 (suppl_9): ix94-ix103. 10.1093/annonc/mdw585
Authors T. Beruchashvili1, T. Alibegashvili1, T. Gogoladze1, R. Gvamichava2
  • 1Screening, National Screening Center, 0119 - Tbilisi/GE
  • 2Screening, National Cancer Center of Georgia (NCCG), 0119 - Tbilisi/GE



Cervical cancer screening based on conventional cytology was launched in Georgia from 2008 by Georgian National Screening Centre (GNSC). Suspicious on High Grade SIL based on the cytology (ASC-H, HSIL) and colposcopy, or punch biopsy (CIN2+) as well as persistence of CIN1 more than 2 years and/or CIN localization into cervical canal-are considered as indication for LEEP procedures.


The retrospective analysis of 456 cases was performed. All woman underwent LEEP in GNSC at 2011-2014. The ages of woman and the results of PAP tests, colposcopy and following LEEP histopathology were transposed onto Excel spreadsheet for analysis.


The mean age of woman was 41 years (25-57). Distribution of referral cytology results was the following: ASCUS-14.5%, ASC-H-13.6%, LSIL-14.2%, HSIL-45.9% and NILM in 11.8% of all cases. Colposcopy diagnoses were LGSIL-93 (20.1%), HGSIL -298 (65%), neoplasia in the canal-38(8.3%) and normal colposcopic findings -30(6.6%)cases. The histological investigations of LEEP specimen showed: norm (without lesion)-36 (7.9), CIN1-144(31,6%), CIN2 -137(30%), CIN3 -125(27.4%) and microcarcinoma 14(3.1%) cases. Sensitivity, Specificity, PPV and NPV of Colposcopic diagnostics were calculated separately for LGSIL (CIN1) and HGSIL(CIN2+) cases. For prediction of CIN1 accuracy of Colposcopy are: Se-61%, Sp-88%, PPV-77%, and NPV-77%. In case of CIN2+: Se:84%, Sp:70%, PPV-78% and NPV-76%. Overall results are: Se- 72%, Sp-86%, PPV-76% and NPV-83%.


Colposcopy prediction for CIN2+is higher than for CIN1. Referral cytology has the influence on Colposcopy diagnosis. As the GNSC data outcomes reveals the similarities with results of other European studies they could be considered as The National parameters for Georgia.

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Georgian National Screening center


Georgian National Screening center


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