140IN - Developing patient-centric cancer services for the 21st century

Date 30 September 2012
Event ESMO Congress 2012
Session Society session - ESO - Celebrating 30 years of ESO and 50 issues of Cancer World. Cancer 2020: The road to personalized cancer care
Topics Bioethics, Legal, and Economic Issues
Personalised/Precision medicine
Basic Principles in the Management and Treatment (of cancer)
Presenter Agnès Buzyn
Authors A. Buzyn
  • Chairwoman & Ceo, Institut National du Cancer, 92513 - Boulogne Billancourt/FR


The future of cancer control may well involve personalized approach, although considering both the patient and the tumour uniqueness remains challenging. The wealth of technological progress, improved research coordination and political willingness through cancer control plans are nevertheless convergent towards tailoring patient care. Nationwide access to innovation for better care is among INCa's priorities. Researchers are mobilised to reduce health inequalities and to decipher the links between environment, behaviour and cancer occurrence. INCa's actions towards personalised medicine include funding 28 molecular genetics platforms since 2006. They perform predictive tests on tumour samples for targeted therapies nationwide. In 2010, molecular testing was performed for 17,000 lung and 19,000 colon cancer patients. Collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry allows anticipating the release of new targeted therapies. This organisation has proved to be cost effective for the health insurance. Its impact on therapeutic decision is currently being assessed. Regarding the organisation of care, INCa helps structuring a care pathway that guides patients through a unique path from diagnosis stage to survivorship (including social or psychological conditions, return to employment), through 35 pilot projects. INCa also contributes to the implementation of specialised care networks: 17 networks of national expert centres combine expertise and proximity for adults with rare cancer, 15 coordination units specialised in geriatric oncology link geriatricians and oncologists, 8 experimental interregional appeal organisations promote integrated care for teenagers and young adults. Personalised medicine applied to cancers prevention and early detection is also considered. Personalized medicine in the 21th century is in progress, taking into account tumour or genetic specificities while placing individuals in the centre of the health care system.


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