720PD - Long term efficacy and QOL data of chemohormonal therapy (C-HT) in low and high volume hormone naïve metastatic prostate cancer (PrCa): E3805 CHAAR...

Date 09 October 2016
Event ESMO 2016 Congress
Session Genitourinary tumours, prostate
Topics Anti-Cancer Agents & Biologic Therapy
Prostate Cancer
Presenter Christopher Sweeney
Citation Annals of Oncology (2016) 27 (6): 243-265. 10.1093/annonc/mdw372
Authors C. Sweeney1, Y. Chen2, G. Liu3, M. Carducci4, D. Jarrard3, M. Eisenberger4, Y. Wong5, L. Patrick-Miller6, N. Hahn4, M. Kohli7, M. Conney8, R. Dreicer9, N.J. Vogelzang10, J. Picus11, D. Shevrin12, M. Hussain13, J. Garcia14, R. Dipaola15
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Early analyses revealed significant increase in overall survival (OS) for patients with a higher burden of disease with early docetaxel (D) plus androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) over ADT alone. Patients with low volume disease have a more favorable natural history with ADT alone and the benefit of early D for this distinct subset requires longer follow-up


790 men were accrued from 7/28/06 to 11/21/2012 and randomized to ADT alone or ADT + D at 75mg/m2 every 3 weeks for 6 cycles within 4 mos of ADT. Patients were prospectively stratified into high volume (HV) vs. low volume (LV) disease (HV: visceral metastases and/or 4 or more bone metastases with at least one outside of the vertebral column and pelvis).


As of April 23, 2016, the median follow-up was 53.7 months and there were 299 deaths of 513 HV pts and 100 deaths of the 277 LV pts. The overall median OS was 57.6 mos for ADT + D [95% CI: (52.0, 63.9)] and 47.2 (41.8, 52.8) for ADT alone HR: 0.73 (0.59, 0.89), p = 0.0018 (stratified log rank). Deaths and distribution of OS by arm and volume of disease are in Table 1. The evaluation of outcome by disease volume interaction with treatments revealed a p-value of 0.029 indicating the impact of early docetaxel differed between the HV and LV pts. The burden of cancer and therapy was assessed by FACT-P score and notable findings were (i) HV pts had lower baseline QOL than LV pts, (ii) there was a decline in QOL from baseline to 3 months in ADT + D LV ps and (iii) the lowest FACT-P score at 12 months was in ADT alone HV pts (see Table).

Survival ADT + D ADT p-value HR (95%CI*)
LV Deaths / N (%) 51/134 (38.1%) 49/143 (34.3%)
LV Median OS mos* 63.5 (58.3, 78.5) NR (59.8, - ) 0.86 1.04 (0.70, 1.55)
HV Deaths/ N (%) 137/263 (52.1%) 162/250 (64.8%)
HV Median OS mos* 51.2 (45.2, 58.1) 34.4 (30.1, 42.1)


The clinical benefit of ADT + D is limited to pts with a higher burden of metastatic prostate. Partial Support and drug supply by Sanofi.

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R. Dreicer: Dr. Dreicer reports personal fees from Millennium, Medivation, Astellas, Bind Pharmaceuticals, Genentech, Roche, and Dendreon outside the submitted work.

J. Picus: Dr. Picus reports grant support from the National Cancer Institute during the conduct of the study.

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J. Garcia: Dr. Garcia reports grant support and personal fees from Astellas and Bayer, and personal fees from Sanofi outside the submitted work.

R. Dipaola: Dr. DiPaola reports other support from Sanofi-Aventis during the conduct of the study

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