Resources for Cancer Patients

ESMO strives to continually provide patients with useful information and updates

Several resources are available to you and your patients to assist them in their search for information.

Patient Guides

They make clinical guidelines understandable and accessible to patients (available in many languages)

Treatments related skin toxicities

Personalised cancer medicine

This serie of Videos explain what patients should know about Personalised / Precision Medicine.

ESMO is committed to educate cancer patients and their families on the basic principles of personalised medicine to make them knowledgeable about what is needed to get the best possible treatment for their disease. Participation in clinical trials is crucial, as is allowing biopsies of one's tumour or provide other biological material, elements which could make a difference...


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Useful links

CAM Cancer website: Complementary therapy and alternative medicine for Cancer

Resources in German on Onkopedia

Last update: 20 February 2017