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Mechanism of Action

Entrectinib has activity against anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK), ROS1, and TRKA, TRKB, and TRKC proteins [1-5]. Preclinical studies have demonstrated that entrectinib can cross the blood–brain barrier [3, 6, 7]. On this basis, entrectinib is thought to be able to target brain metastases and primary brain tumours.

The activity of entrectinib across a variety of kinases is shown in the following table, which summarises the IC50 values for entrectinib inhibition of kinase activity [4].

Table 9: Entrectinib Inhibition of Kinase Activity [4]

Target IC50 (nmol/L)
ROS-1 7
ALK 12

Preclinical studies found that entrectinib completely inhibited ALK and STAT3 protein phosphorylation after administration in vivo [4]. In addition, entrectinib induced complete tumour regression in mouse tumour models (including TRKA-dependent colorectal carcinoma KM12, ROS1-driven tumours, and ALK-dependent models from different tissue origins, including a CNS lung cancer metastasis model).


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Last update: 24 June 2019