medwireNews: Source of High Quality Medical News for OncologyPRO

We have had a strong medical news service collaboration with medwireNews since 2013.

Cristiana Sessa

Cristiana Sessa


Svetlana Jezdic

They have always provided high quality news from various fields of oncology and excellent daily news delivery for OncologyPRO. These news articles are intended for ESMO members and for us it is vital that they are reliable and accurately reflect content from the original source and editorialists/commenters.

Here at ESMO, Cristiana Sessa (Co-Chair ESMO Guidelines Working Group and member of the ESMO Translational Research and Personalised Medicine Working Group) and Svetlana Jezdic (ESMO Staff Medical Oncologist), both pictured, review the news on a daily basis and prepare the news selection for OncologyPRO alerts.

medwireNews , Springer Healthcare’s news bureau, is an established provider of authoritative, timely and independent medical news. We identify key developments in oncology by sourcing high-quality, clinically relevant and impactful research from the major peer-reviewed journals, conferences and governing bodies.

Our team of news writers have strong scientific backgrounds; we write factual news stories without agenda or bias, so our stories reflect the opinions of the researchers or independent experts rather than our own.

When selecting news content, we look for research that can inform medical oncologist practice, especially with regard to the development and use of chemotherapy and molecular targeted agents, and their use within a multidisciplinary setting.

Other factors that influence our choice of articles include trial design and size, the statistical significance of findings and the ability to place the results in the context of prior and ongoing studies. 

Our Journal Sourcing Lists Include:

General Medical Publications

The New England Journal of Medicine

The Lancet


JAMA Surgery

JAMA Internal Medicine

The American Journal of Medicine


Annals of Internal Medicine

Oncology Specialist Publications

Annals of Oncology

The Lancet Oncology

Journal of Clinical Oncology

JAMA Oncology

European Journal of Cancer


Clinical Cancer Research


British Journal of Cancer



Other journals are reviewed but not listed here

Last update: 25 November 2016