PARP Inhibition in Ovarian Cancer: Current and Future

Speakers: Susanna Banerjee

S. Banerjee discuss exciting time in research of PARP inhibitors in different settings of ovarian cancer. Besides recent licensing of olaparib by EMA and FDA, rucaparib also received FDA breakthrough designation. She explores the results from the ARIEL2 study presented at ECC2015 and elaborates on an assay for potential use as a companion diagnostic for rucaparib. In addition, she provides expert opinion on future perspective in the field.

Discussion Points

  1. What is a current standard in term of PARP inhibition in the treatment of ovarian cancer?
  2. ECC abstract #2700 Final results of ARIEL2 (Part 1): A phase 2 trial to prospectively identify ovarian cancer responders to rucaparib using tumour genetic analysis.
  3. ECC abstract #2701 Quantification of genomic loss of heterozygosity enables prospective selection of ovarian cancer patients who may derive benefit from the PARP inhibitor rucaparib.  
  4. Future trends in PARP inhibition in ovarian cancer.