Lung Adenocarcinoma with RET Fusion: Early Experience with Diagnosis and Targeted Therapy

Speakers: Oliver Gautschi and Lukas Bubendorf

O.Gautschi and L.Bubendorf discourse on the presence of RET aberrations in NSCLC; explain current diagnostic techniques and future screening possibilities; and call for more trials to validate use of promising targeted drugs, sending patients to active centres for broad testing.

Discussion Points

In term of targeted therapies:

  • which drugs are available in other RET solid tumours?
  • What did you find in your study?
  • Are there trials available to refer RET positive patients with lung adenocarcinoma?
  • How are frequent RET aberrations in NSCLC?
  • About which type of aberrations it is about?
  • What techniques are used for diagnosis?
  • When patients should be screened for RET?