Inhibition of MEK to Treat Cancer: Focus on Melanoma

Speaker: James Larkin

J. Larkin describes key molecular pathways in melanoma, focussing on RAS-RAF-MEK-ERK. He describes NRAS-driven and other molecularly defined subgroups, MEK as a therapeutic target, data with MEK inhibitors including combinations with BRAFi, and early data in uveal melanoma.

Discussion Points

  • How are downstream changes triggered in signalling pathways?
  • What are the key pathways in the context of cancer and where does MEK stands?
  • Which MEK inhibitors have been tested in clinical trials in cancer?
  • What is the toxicity of MEK inhibitors as a class?
  • What are the results of phase III study of trametinib in BRAF mutant melanoma?
  • Combining MEK inhibitors with BRAF inhibitors for the treatment of advanced BRAF mutant melanoma: Efficacy and toxicity
  • MEK inhibition in NRAS mutant melanoma
  • Future perspective