Immunotherapy Advances and Clinical Problems in the Management of NSCLC Brain Metastases

Speaker: Sanjay Popat

S. Popat reports key findings from studies presented at ECC 2015. In particular, he covers a rationale for each study, the main results and their implications for pembrolizumab in patients with advanced NSCLC enrolled in KEYNOTE-001, rociletinib in EGFR mutated NSCLC and prior CNS involvement, as well as for temozolamide added to WBRT for NSCLC metastases.

Discussion Points

  • Abstract #LBA 33 presented at ECC 2015: Efficacy and safety of pembrolizumab in patients with previously treated advanced non-small cell lung cancer enrolled in KEYNOTE-001 study
  • Abstract #3009 presented at ECC 2015 Activity of rociletinib in non-small cell lung cancer patients with EGFR mutated tumours and a history of CNS involvement
  • Abstract #3008 presented at ECC 2015: No benefit of temozolamide added to whole brain radiotherapy (WBRT) in non-small cell lung cancer metastases