Advances in Supportive Care and Symptoms Management in Patients with GI Malignancies

Speaker: Mario Dicato

M. Dicato analyses the data presented during the introductory session of the ESMO World GI 2015 Congress. He elaborates the current classification of oxaliplatin in clinical practice guidelines according to its emetogenic potential and the reasons for studying the aprepitant in the SENRI trial population. He also discusses the clinical aspects of cachexia and the unfortunate little progress in its management in patients with advanced cancer. Another clinical problem he covers is hepatitis C treatment, but also its prophylaxis in conditions when cytotoxic treatment is required.

Discussion Points

  • Results from a phase III SENRI trial: Aprepitant in colorectal cancer patients receiving oxaliplatin-based therapy
  • Management of cachexia in  patients with advanced GI cancers 
  • Hepatitis C treatments in patients with hepatocellular cancer