Trastuzumab biosimilar: Evidence of safety and efficacy from clinical trials in 1st line mBC

Speaker: Sofia Azambuja Braga

Sofia Braga discusses the quality of evidence from clinical trials presented at ESMO 2016 with biosimilar trastuzumab in first-line treatment of HER2-positive metastatic breast cancers (mBC). She digs also into issues of more affordable cancer care with biosimilars.

Discussion Points

  1. Rationale for the studies
  2. Key study findings
  3. Practice perspective
  4. Take home messages

ESMO 2016         

LBA16: Heritage, a phase III safety and efficacy trial of the proposed trastuzumab biosimilar, Myl-1401O vs trastuzumab                         

224PD: Efficacy and safety of BCD-022, trastuzumab biosimilar candidate, compared to Herceptin: Results of international multicenter randomized double blind study in patients with HER2+ mBC