Targeting AR axis in prostate cancer

Speaker: Bertrand Tombal

B. Tombal digs into AR signalling importance in prostate and in prostate cancer. Removing testosterone has been the base of the treatment of prostate cancer for 60 years. However, the researchers realised in last few years that besides AR-dependent pathway, there are AR-independent pathways that probably make the cells resistant to treatment. But in a vast majority of patients, the AR is one of the main drivers of the prostate cancer. He discusses the generations of therapeutics targeting the AR in prostate cancer.

Discussion Points

  • What is the role of androgen receptor (AR) signalling in prostate cancer?
  • Main therapies and strategies targeting the AR in prostate cancer
  • Key biological differences in the androgen-regulated transcriptional programmes for androgen-dependent prostate cancer and castration-resistant prostate cancer
  • Clinical impact of restoration of AR target gene expression
  • What is the current status in the development of novel generation therapeutics targeting AR in castration-resistant prostate cancer?