Targeted Therapies in Oncology: Past, Current and Future

Speaker: Antoine Italiano

Antoine Italiano reports that a major recent breakthrough was identification of the PDGF receptor alpha as an important target in soft tissue sarcomas (STS). Research demonstrated that combining a monoclonal antibody directed against PDGFR alpha with chemotherapy can improve overall survival in STS patients. 

In the field of epigenetics, targeting of some epigenetic protein gives interesting results in epithelioid sarcomas and rhabdoid tumours with data to be published soon.

The heterogeneity of the STS is a real challenge. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) can identify targetable alterations in a high proportion of STS patients, however access to these techniques should be improved. The MULTISARC study purpose is to demonstrate that implementing NGS for clinical decision making can personalise care in STS patients and improve overall survival.


  • Milestones in targeted therapies in oncology
  • Important targets on horizons
  • Combinations with other therapy modalities
  • Future outlook