Supportive care in the context of precision cancer medicine

Speaker: Florian Scotté

Florian Scotté describes new toxicities emerged with precision cancer medicine, difficulties in explaining the mechanism for some of precision medicine toxicities, what toxicities do precision and standard oncology medicines have in common. Currently, nothing has changed for the supportive care team because the definition of supportive care is the multidisciplinary approach, but in the future we may discover new toxicities, new safety issues and the society is moving to digital involvement.

Discussion Points

  • Have we seen new toxicities emerge with precision cancer medicine?
  • Current understanding of mechanisms of side effects from precision cancer therapeutics
  • What is common in toxicities caused by precision and standard therapeutics in oncology?
  • Open issues in the management of toxicities related to precision cancer medicine 
  • How was supportive care field changed since beginning of precision medicine era in oncology?
  • How do you think the supportive care field will change in the future as more precision medicines arrive?