Molecular Imaging in Oncology: From Basic Research to Clinical Applications

Speaker: Alessandra Gennari

Alessandra Gennari digs into impact of molecular imaging in providing information complementary to that obtained by traditional tools. 

By accurately characterising tumour properties and biologic processes, molecular imaging plays an important role in term of cancer science and clinical care in diagnosis and staging, assessment of therapeutic targets, and evaluation of responses to therapies.

She focuses on radionuclide imaging techniques and provides overview of molecular imaging in breast cancer specifically. As main challenges, she identified logistics in term of compounds production and regulatory aspects. 


  • What is the impact of molecular imaging on diagnostics, therapeutic decision-making and follow-up in oncology?
  • Please could you outline some of the most important tracers in molecular imaging? 
  • What are the main current challenges in molecular imaging?
  • What should be the main focus of research in this area in the future?