Immunotherapy Biomarkers

Speaker: Sergio Quezada

Sergio Quezada underlines that understanding mechanisms that underpin the immune regulation is key for targeting and enhancing the anti-tumour activity. 

He digs into currently recognised and emerging biomarkers, as well as areas of biomarker research where the more efforts are needed. He explains the challenges of heterogeneity of patient, tumour and immune responses. New technologies could significantly improve our ability to advance the biomarkers field. There is still a little understanding of mechanisms of action of different immunotherapy drugs and their impact in the tumour microenvironment. Better understanding of these changes will allow more rational biomarker development.


  • Please could you outline what immune regulation of cancer is and why it is important to elucidate it?
  • Which biomarkers are currently recognised in onco-immunology?
  • Which immune biomarkers are emerging in oncology?
  • What are the main current challenges in this field?
  • What impact are new technologies having on immune biomarker development?
  • What are your recommendations for advancing biomarker development in onco-immunology?