IMPAKT 2017: Emerging Research Strategies in Breast Cancer

Speaker: Monica Arnedos

Monica Arnedos describes the genomic landscape in breast cancer with several molecular alterations, and drugs have been developed to target the mutations from different pathways. 

We have seen the apparition of new molecular mutations in already treated tumours, creating new challenges for targeted therapies. CDK4-6 inhibitors have created a breakthrough in the treatment of breast cancer. However, we have still much to learn as we haven't found yet the biomarker to identify resistant tumours, and we haven't reached the maximum effect that we can obtain with these drugs or combinations.

Some molecular alterations are present in only 3 to 5% of the patients but in term of overall breast cancer population, these numbers are significant, especially because they may cause therapy resistance. AKT1 inhibitors and HER2-inhibitors are currently in early phase testing in combination with endocrine therapies. The results from these studies may be key for the future because we know that these mutations may appear in patients already treated with standard therapies.

Discussion Points

  • Overview of genomic alterations in breast cancer
  • Emerging drug targets in breast cancer
  • Where do we stand with clinical research/targeting in breast cancer?
  • Highlight (speaker's choice) of some approaches with potential to enter the clinic in the near future