IMPAKT 2017: Best Abstracts Session

Speaker: Philippe Bedard

Philippe Bedard states that the actual message is that we don't have other biomarkers than oestrogen receptor to identify patients who may benefit from new therapies such as CDK4-6 inhibitors. 

Some intriguing data from early testing of combinations of HER2 targeted drug and CDK4-6 inhibitors indicate it may be eventually an active treatment strategy for HER2 positive patients. At the IMPAKT 2017 Conference, very important findings came from the well known STO-3 study data. It looks like patients with an heterogenous expression of ER in different areas of their breast tumour may do worse with endocrine therapy, but the findings have to be additionally validated.

Discussion Points

  • Point out what might be practice changing in the results from the abstracts presented during the oral session at IMPAKT 2017
  • Explain what do you think that has potential to enter the clinic in the near future


16O - First-line ribociclib + letrozole in HR+, HER2– ABC: efficacy by baseline tumor markers

17O - Palbociclib in combination with TDM1 for metastatic HER2+ breast cancer

24O - Increased long-term risk of fatal breast cancer in patients with high intra-tumor heterogeneity of the estrogen receptor – Retrospective analyses of the STO-3 trial

25O - pSTAT3 in luminal breast cancer. Integrated RNA-protein pooled analysis and results from the BIG 2-98 phase III trial.

26O - Pre-diagnostic concentrations of RANKL and OPG and breast cancer survival.