How to select the patients with NSCLC for immunotherapy?

Speaker: Johan Filip Vansteenkiste

J. Vansteenkiste discuss how to decide among available therapies for advanced NSCLC in a time of rapidly evolved advances in targeted and immunotherapy, and biomarkers development. He elaborates the results from CheckMate 063 with nivolumab in refractory squamous NSCLC, as presented at ELCC 2016 and exploratory cytokine profiling analyses.

Discussion Points

  • Immunotherapy as a new standard of care in NSCLC
  • Targeted therapy or immunotherapy for NSCLC: how to decide?
  • State of the science: Combination of targeted agents and immunotherapy
  • How to select NSCLC patients who may benefit from immunotherapy?
  • Highlights from 137O abstract presented at ELCC 2016: 2-year follow-up from CheckMate 063 and exploratory cytokine profiling analyses