Evidence-based data for Sarcoma and GIST: A True Challenge

Speaker: Michael Montemurro

Because sarcomas and GIST are rare tumours, it is very difficult to build standards. ESMO has developped Guidelines which set a frame for these patients and allow the expert to select the appropriate decision pathway for each patients. The recommendation often is to develop a decision with a multidisciplinary tumour board.

He insists on the need to gather data in registries at European/worldwide scale to increase our knowledge about treating such rare tumours, and on the fact that patients should be treated in reference centres to benefit from the new techniques and have a better outcome.
Providing equal care with difference in resources from one country to another is a real challenge. Experts in the field generating data which will improve understanding of a type of sarcoma will result in better outcome for the patients in time.


  • Histology-driven chemotherapy
  • Evidence-based immune therapy
  • How it is difficult to generate evidence in rare tumours and what the solutions for having good data might be?
  • Does evidence-based medicine discriminate the sarcoma patient?