Expert Video Report on new treatment options for CLL

ASH 2018, San Diego

Speaker: Alexander Egle

A large amount of interesting data in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) were presented at ASH 2018. Alexander Egle reports on the results from the ALLIANCE trial studying ibrutinib alone or in combination with rituximab versus chemoimmunotherapy in older patients with untreated CLL. The results from this large randomised trial show interesting opportunities for alternative first-line treatment.
Regarding CD19 CAR-T cells therapy, new promising results in relapsed and/or refractory CLL, alone or in combination with ibrutinib were presented. Very high response observed was accompanied with some severe toxicities. Refinement is needed in the treatment design, however these now experimental indications are encouraging for high risk patients and future strategies in this field.

ASH 2018 abstracts: