ESMO Biomarker Factsheets: A Pathologist’s Perspective

Speaker: Keith Kerr

In this video Keith Kerr provides a pathologist’s perspective on value of ESMO Biomarker Factsheets, a series prepared by esteemed European experts who elaborated prognostic and predictive value, testing recommendations, importance for quality and getting timely testing results, as well as on patient selection for a number of biomarkers and how such material can be helpful in oncology practice.

Discussion Points

Please describe a pace of change in term of collaboration between oncologists and pathologists in biomarkers field.

  • What is a pathologist perspective in term of biomarkers in oncology practice?
  • How ESMO biomarker factsheets can be helpful, both for pathologists and oncologists?
  • What is a value of such material in oncology practice?
  • What is your experience as an author of a couple of biomarker factsheets?
  • What is a future outlook in term of use and update of biomarker factsheets?