Expert Video Report on ovarian cancer

ESMO Congress 2019

Speaker: Nicoletta Colombo

Reporting from ESMO 2019 Congress, Nicoletta Colombo comments the results from 3 positive studies with addition of the PARP inhibitors, olaparib, niraparib or veliparib in front-line management and maintenance therapy of women with advanced ovarian cancer. She believes that the results will change the current treatment algorithm and that in the future PARP inhibitors will be incorporated in first-line treatment of all patients with advanced ovarian cancer and not only in those with BRCA positive tumours.
LBA1: Niraparib Treatment in Patients With Newly Diagnosed Advanced Ovarian Cancer (OC)
LBA2_PR: Phase III PAOLA-1/ENGOT-ov25 trial: Olaparib plus bevacizumab (bev) as maintenance therapy in patients (pts) with newly diagnosed, advanced ovarian cancer (OC) treated with
platinum-based chemotherapy (PCh) plus bev
LBA3: VELIA/GOG-3005: Integration of veliparib (V) with front-line chemotherapy and maintenance in women with high-grade serous carcinoma of ovarian, fallopian tube, or primary peritoneal origin (HGSC)