Expert Video Reports

ESMO 2018 Congress
ESMO 2018

Recorded during ESMO 2018 Congress, the Expert Video Report Series aims to give an expert comment on several study results in a specific setting and provide you with a take home message.

Watch also the ESMO 2018 Study Highlight videos

Management of Advanced Breast Cancer, by Alessandra Gennari

Ovarian Cancer, by Ana Oaknin

Immunotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer, by Marco Merlano

Immunotherapy for Colorectal Carcinoma, by Konstantinos Kamposioras

Gastric Cancer, by Florian Lordick

Immunotherapy for Advanced NSCLC, by Silvia Novello

Targeted Treatments for Advanced NSCLC, by Fabrice Barlesi

Management of Liver Cancer, by Michel Ducreux