ELCC 2017: Symptoms Management: An Emphasis on Lung Cancer

Speaker: Mario Di Palma

Mario Di Palma explains that patients with lung cancer now have a longer life expectation than in the past, and keeping them in the best possible condition by managing their symptoms is very important. In addition, recent studies confirmed that early palliative care may result in longer survival.

In patients with curable disease, we strive to avoid sequelae from the treatments because patients are going to live with them. In other patients, as survival will be longer, we need to improve their quality of life and ability to preserve daily activities by reducing dyspnoea and pain. Regarding pain, communication with the patients is key to recognising the symptoms so we can better treat them. Mixed pain is still challenging and we probably need to learn more about pathophysiology.

Discussion Points

  • Why is symptoms management becoming increasingly important?
  • How can symptoms management improve patients’ quality of life?
  • What are the challenges regarding pain management and how can we deal with them?