ELCC 2017: ROS1-positive non-small cell lung cancer

Speaker: Benjamin Besse

Benjamin Besse says how important it is to identify ROS1-positive NSCLC patients and details the diagnosis strategy. 

Two abstracts presented during ELCC have compared immunocytochemistry analysis against reference diagnostic methods - i.e. FISH test for ROS1-positve disease. These studies show that highly concordant results can be obtained with immunocytochemistry analysis. It opens new opportunities to find patients eligible for highly potent targeted therapies.

Based on those abstracts’ findings, the strategy to diagnose a patient with ROS-1 positive NSCLC tumour today is to search for EGFR, ALK first and if they are negative, test for ROS-1 with immunocytochemistry methods to be confirmed with FISH test if positive.

Discussion Points

  • Background
  • Rationale for studies
  • Key results
  • Wrap-up


Establishment of a diagnostic algorithm for ROS1 testing in Canada

ROS1 immunocytochemistry on cytological specimens in patients with non-small cell lung cancer