ELCC 2017: Neuroendocrine Tumours of Lung Origin

Speaker: Rosario Garcia Campelo

Rosario Garcia Campelo explains that NETs account for 25% of primary lung tumours, among them a majority are poorly differentiated, high grade small-cell carcinomas. For patients with lung NETs a final diagnosis can be difficult to establish and the standard of care is still surgery, although systemic therapies such as somatostatin analogous, targeted agents are showing very good results.

For the near future, she thinks that the main challenge is the multidisciplinary approach. As our molecular knowledge of the disease is growing, we should also explore genetical origin in these tumours. Establishing a research network for this type of cancers would help to explore the role of targeted therapies.

Discussion Points

  • The incidence of NETs of lung origin
  • Diagnosis and clinical presentation
  • Key advances in the treatment of NETs of lung origin?
  • Future outlook